About Helen

Hey there… I’m Helen Thompson and I show people how to make the most of their life, relationships and business by running courses, online training and home study courses.

I work as a Coach, Performance Consultant and Speaker.
Working with relationships, leadership, business growth and marketing which is generally people who want to make improvements in their life.  Any area of life involves relationships: working with a team, family and the relationship with yourself

Hm strange mix I hear you say, well in business people buy from people they like and so to effectively grow your business you must market yourself and your business and the best way to do that is by building relationships with your customers.  To build confidence means working on your relationship with yourself, those around yourself and how you market yourself.

I studied psychology and business since I was 13 and have been a life long student of human behavior and running a business, planning my first business at just 14.  I spent just under 10 years in the police in London where I worked as a Detective working with fraud, sexual offences, domestic violence and other violent crimes.

Almost 10 years spent in the police in London, 6 of those years working as a Detective, after suffering a trauma in CID I hung up my magnifying glass and qualified as a Business Performance Consultant and started working with business owners identify areas of improvement, helping them develop and grow their business to help them live the life they’re looking for.  Qualified Master Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner as well as Neurological repatterning, I have worked training coaches and consultants in marketing, coaching, NLP  hypnotherapy and presentation skills.

Training in some of the most advanced personal development techniques available, whilst also struggling with post traumatic stress disorder I realised I had to learn about making my life easier so I learnt from the best again and became a facilitator and trainer in marketing and influence with one of my mentors.

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing international events companies and speakers working on increasing sales and customers as well as running business and marketing events. From being involved in running so many events I have met my mentors and have learnt so much from them.

Having worked long gruelling hours I know what it’s like to burn out and sacrifice your family, health and life building a career. I put my best detective skills to work looking for ways to make my life easier, and have put them together to pass on to my clients. So here it is 10 simple steps to making your life easier in your business so you too can lead the life you really want.


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